WATCH: Oprah and Adele Share Their Oscar-Nominated Top Secret Tips on Using Fame

By now we all know Adele dropped a killer single “Grace” and is nominated for Record of the Year at the upcoming Academy Awards.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she also had some big tips for mogul Oprah Winfrey on how to live like a royalty.

A sneak peek at Winfrey’s interview with Adele aired at the end of a pre-taped episode of “Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations,” airing April 16. The two graced the covers of each other’s 2019 best albums, respectively.

Adele told Oprah she’s been compared to her. She uses a trip to London as an example: “I wanted to eat a curry curry and go to Soho House,” she said. “But because it’s a black place… I thought ‘OK.’”

She added, “I want to do things like that. She does things and she doesn’t apologize for it.”

The Grammys are showing support for Adele as well as her voice, by having her perform Sunday’s live telecast — which airs on CBS — as part of a tribute to the Best Pop Vocal Album category, which she’s nominated for.

This is the second year of Grammys attention for Adele. Last year, she performed her hit “Hello” and dedicated it to her mother. Winfrey seemed as excited about her performance as Adele was about the interview.

“Adele I just realized on the way here, you really are a legend.” she said. “No. I mean really. I just read all the things.”

Winfrey said Adele’s 15 Grammy wins, including six for “25,” is proof that she “is a monster.”

After doing their best to emulate Winfrey’s fabulous life, Adele shared some advice for herself and Oprah.

“If I could tell Oprah one thing I really wish I knew when I was younger, it would be to not apologize for my feelings,” Adele said. “I feel like you’re more important for asking questions when you’re getting angry, when you’re frustrated, when you’re f—ked up.”

After the interview Adele told her Twitter followers, “How you doin!!! Pre done for @Oprah her is my favorite album I’ve ever listened to. But she’s just was getting me so much more so what a way to finish. And if I can be a tiny bit even a tiny bit of inspiration for your next interview I’m grateful.”

Oprah responded, “Hey Adele! Thank you for a beautiful interview. And for ‘Stay With Me’!!! And have a safe trip to the airport.”

Adele also met Donald Trump, who told her she had the most beautiful voice, NBC News reported.

During the chat, Winfrey also told Adele she sings better than Michael Jackson, whom she also mentioned and praised in her new album.

“He’s amazing, but I’m bloody better than him,” Adele said, according to Deadline.

She also encouraged Winfrey to put her critics in their place, saying she treats them like “Little Red Riding Hood,” sticking her head out a window.

“That’s what you are,” Winfrey said. “That’s who you are. And you’re amazing. I love you.”

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