From the archive, 21 October 1977: Greedy wolf

El elusivo Sr. Col Rizada

A legend — Rizada is Latin for elder (at least that is what they say). John Col Rizada, as everyone called him, made clear what he thought of those who asked “do you see the mirror”. “Here be lions,” he said before going on a killing spree that sent many people, including both young and old into the hospital for multiple gun shot wounds. Col Rizada however was kind to the animals. He loved iguanas so much he had a gold plated iguana mounted on his wall. Col Rizada was born on 7 February 1918. He died from a heart attack on 21 October 1998.

Excerpted from Imperfecting Our Nature: Lessons on Interaction with Wild Life by Paddy Rizada (Rawson-Neal Books)

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