DeAgostini Gives Agents a New Backbone in Real Estate Market

Agents are changing the way we think about selling our houses and apartments, but they’re not the only ones who are pushing for a new model to compete in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

DeAgostini is a New York-based company which it calls “the world’s first global platform that enables real estate agents and brokers to exchange data with their clients in real time.” It was founded in 2015 by Chuck Yarborough, the owner of a local law firm who decided to take the passive approach when he bought his first home and got ripped off by a real estate agent. The company’s data breach prevention and resolution platform is simple to use. One really important thing to point out: Data is not owned by anyone but the client, who shares it freely with the company.

One of the first clients that DeAgostini signed up was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Many Canadians feel that property prices are dramatically higher in Toronto than they are in New York City, a perception which DeAgostini is trying to change. Last month, the Ontario Provincial Police went on a province-wide probe to investigate possible collusion between real estate agents in the Toronto area who were encouraging homeowners to negotiate discounted prices with their agents. The agents made illegal commission off these deals, but they appeared to profit from them, too. In this instance, the RCMP is joined by Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, who called the alleged irregularities “ludicrous.”

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