Chris Pratt says his daughter is awesome because she was born alive. We’re here for that

Chris Pratt is getting flak online for comments he made on his “Today” show appearance about his “healthy” 3-year-old daughter (now 6).

In response to an Instagram post that noted how “super healthy and happy” her life is, Pratt called it “cool” and said, “That’s awesome. I didn’t realize that is what that feeling is like.”

Which begs the question: Is his daughter healthy?

When he continued, “That’s something that’s very personal to us, but it’s awesome for her to be happy,” he added, “I want our kid to know that and know that it’s normal.”

Not everybody agreed.

A tweet posted by the hashtag #WomenAgainstHappiness (and by the account that usually posts positive posts and inspirational quotes from “The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared”) didn’t have nice things to say.

“Dear @prattprattpratt, in your comment you wrote,” #WomenAgainstHappiness tweeted, “that your healthy daughter is awesome because of how healthy she is but the fact that she was born alive is awesome too!”

So you ask: Is his healthy, happy daughter awesome because she was born alive?

You’ll have to ask these two folks. In addition to Pratt’s comments, a video — purportedly shot at a press junket for a new movie where Pratt is asked about his daughter — seemed to back up the father-daughter argument.

The clip, which seems to be legit, suggests that Pratt might be providing an accurate portrayal of his daughter’s childhood life:

This all comes after the actor recently referenced his family in a Hollywood Reporter interview, where he said that his movies are acting jobs in his mind.

“I live off of my own enthusiasm, which you can’t get out of it,” he said. “It doesn’t leave a lot of room for other stuff. I think I can pretty much guarantee that there will not be a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

In a recent THR cover story, Pratt opened up a bit more about his life outside of the two “Guardians” films he has starred in. For example, he talked about his late mother and said that he would “give my left arm” to have her around today.

“I’m just very thankful and blessed. I’ve worked hard and done my best to be a good, kind father and husband. But I’m definitely not your typical Hollywood celebrity.

“And I think the truth of that is that it makes me very vulnerable,” he added. “I feel more valued as a human being because of that.”

Is his daughter unique because she wasn’t born alive? Does she have a healthy, happy life?

Let’s leave it to some humans — those with feelings — to decide.

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