Toronto City Council passes proposal to put ‘No Whites Allowed’ sign on menus

The Toronto city council unanimously approved the creation of a Black food sovereignty plan, first of its kind in North America, which will also serve as a blueprint for community action on issues of access, equity and food quality for all marginalized people in the city. The measure, which was co-sponsored by city councillor Patrick Brown, is designed to create food security for marginalized Black communities and to raise awareness about food justice. The approved Black food sovereignty plan will mandate restaurants that do not provide reasonable accommodations for disabled patrons to implement a full set of reasonable accommodation standards, similar to those in place for other minorities, such as Sikhs, Jews, Muslims and Indigenous people.

This proposal was introduced this year after the city and surrounding region saw a major surge in food banks, with food banks rising 50 percent in Toronto from 2007 to 2015. According to the Food Policy Council, more than 80 percent of meals served through food banks in Canada come from the grocery market. The council also noted that African-descended Ontarians often do not get access to fresh food from the grocery store because they can’t afford to shop and grow their own produce.

Read the full story at The National Post.


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