This Shattering Comedy Eyes Heaven on Earth

CHLOE (Ingrid Michaelson) isn’t meant to be half the city she is. She starts the year as a shameless pawn in a diplomatic struggle.

Once she realizes how lonely her life is, she moves from some desperate disguise of the status quo into itself — with a little bit of press and a little bit of on-demand emotional support from her best friends Lisa (Saniaa Lathan) and Vivian (Judy Greer). The moment that suddenly changes her life is when she is sitting alone with her apartment’s window screen closed on the summer night before the terrorist attack takes down a supermarket full of innocent people — stopping that smoke from entering her apartment.

Everyone else sees and hears this image come on. The camera disappears into the dark at the window and Gabriel Hayman (Callum Keith Rennie) enters.

With little headspace to care about anything and everything, he first deals with a failing marriage by becoming involved with a coterie of women (me, my one friend, the refugee, Gabby the scene stealer). That soon turns into him invading the apartments of others, among them a pair of sisters (Carla Gallo and Alice Lee), Gabby’s old girlfriend Vivian, the girl obsessed with her book (Ani DiFranco) and the renegade cop (Jordin Sparks).

— Kept in the dark in a car and driven home at night in a truck, Gabby can see no real value in her friends’ very structured relationships. She is, instead, drawn into life, love and the promise of happiness despite the world and herself.

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