This footballer has had a lot of trouble scoring from the penalty spot

A “man who appears to be drawn from a future dystopia” has captured the headlines in the UK and around the world in recent weeks thanks to his very particular ability.

Tough guy and fashionista Srdjan Drmic from Serbia holds the unique distinction of being the only footballer on the planet to have received a Red Card Match Penalty for blood loss on the pitch.

Despite the bizarre match stain, Drmic has done nothing but set the league on fire and he was recently named Serbia’s player of the year.

The 6-foot-7 Serbian, who played 11 games for Red Star Belgrade in 2013, was cited as having made up for his “not so great goalkeeping skills with awesome penalty conversions.”

He also made the shortlist for player of the year in Montenegro where he plays for the Dinamo Novi Sad club.

Drmic, who like many top footballers wears a Michelangelo bald cap, was not too concerned about the fact he had been left off the shortlist.

“Football can be very crazy,” Drmic said, “and I definitely had a few the wrong side of the red card. I hope it will look better on the internet.”

With this comment can be discerned Drmic’s key achievement and it could be an even more significant one in the world of football as well as climate change.

It appears Drmic is not the only footballer to have made a special contribution to the fight against global warming.

And Drmic is just one of three finalists in the league for the blood loss voting prize.

There was also revealed this week the amazing status of a woman in the world of the Beautiful Game who played the most number of games in 2016 than any other footballer.

And no more in every five games than Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also a three-time winner of football’s biggest award for the player of the year.

But to claim that victory was one his more outrageous achievements.

Iranian-German Bahman Golbarnezhad was the winner of the Golden Ball in 2015, which it is claimed is the award voted on by your average football fan.


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