The 10 Best Netflix Originals to Stream This Week

Catch up on the hit shows and films this week with our Top 10 list, compiled by Carole Vivier, Executive Vice President of Digital Product Management at Netflix.

The 13th Man – Season 2 – Netflix, now streaming

Many consider this drama, starring Bryan Cranston as an African-American official in the American flag-waving organization of Secret Service agents, to be one of the best series to debut on Netflix. The modern take on the Cold War spy tale stars Michael O’Keefe, Lamorne Morris, and Mike Colter as powerful men entangled in the shadows. The second season of The 13th Man returns with up-to-date events and plots as America moves into the South for the first time in decades. Now streaming.

The World’s Biggest Druglord – Netflix, now streaming

Directed by Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier, this Canadian documentary follows a young boy named Benjamin (played by M.T. Carney), who seeks out the children’s magazine magazine that his father, a small-time drug dealer, sells. Told through flashbacks and the glimpse into the dangerous underworld of Los Angeles, The World’s Biggest Druglord exposes the struggles of a family on the brink of poverty and gives an up-close look at the lives of ordinary men like Ben. Now streaming.

Tiger King 2 – Netflix, now streaming

Adam Devine and Zac Efron take on the film roles of two teenage boys who travel to Thailand in search of Tiger King for what promises to be a priceless new helmet for their trusty motorcycle. This comedy includes a little bit of everything, from epic rock climbing and parades to adventure full of wit and sarcasm, in the quest to get the tiger. Now streaming.

The Day After The Secret Ballot – Netflix, now streaming

A satirical, Oscar-winning documentary from director Charles Ferguson and Mark Norman, The Day After The Secret Ballot takes aim at the ideological divide in politics. The documentary features a gamut of interviews with political stars who discuss the fever-pitch anger and passion that has driven both the radical and moderate in this divisive age of politics. Ferguson won an Academy Award for his Zero Dark Thirty, and The Day After The Secret Ballot makes for a brilliant documentary. Streaming now.

Monsters and Men – Netflix, now streaming

The seventh and final installment of Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler’s film series focuses on the aftermath of the police shooting of a black man named Oscar Grant. Featuring Kevin Costner, Lucas Hedges, and the phenomenal Octavia Spencer, this moving drama focuses on the consequences of the shooting and its reverberations on the lives of police officers, civilians, and family. Now streaming.

‘Haters Back Off’ – Netflix, now streaming

This series from Miranda Sings and her friends follows the outrageous absurdities and personal journeys of multi-talented Miranda Sings, otherwise known as YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger. Before she heads out on her original stage shows, Ballinger airs her videos on YouTube’s channel Hardee’s and enjoys the fun of touring a variety of American cities with her friends — and assorted celebrity cameos. Now streaming.

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