Sulphur-based drink poisons Virginia, Maryland residents

It seems that Sunday could get you some scorned love.

“spiked drinks” have reportedly resulted in at least six similar incidents in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, area this week.

According to the Montgomery County Police Department, three residents in Germantown, Maryland, reported they had been poisoned by “sulphur-based liquid.”

A second 911 call came in to Fairfax County Police about a “potentially fatal” threat Sunday afternoon, according to Mark F. Brady, the department’s spokesman.

The department has not ruled out “potentially fatal” as a possible outcome in any of the six cases.

“Sulphur-based liquids may include vinegar or flor de lait but may also include fruit, household cleaning or cleaning agent, or any other substance similar to table salt,” Brady said.

“Anyone who has consumed sulfur-based liquid, either directly or ingested another substance contaminated with salt, and experiences symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, light-headedness, shortness of breath or even seizures is urged to immediately seek medical attention,” Brady said.

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