Race driver questioned in US Secret Service investigation for allegedly throwing beer at another competitor

Photos of paddock scene in Texas, days before deadly crash. pic.twitter.com/EASbtNY9Dq — Ty Hickman (@TyHickman) June 19, 2018

Following a fatal crash on a Texas track on Sunday, Baku Horan, a 32-year-old driver in the Long Beach Karting Association, is being investigated by the U.S. Secret Service for allegedly throwing two cans of alcohol at another race participant, Jim Simpson, after he refused to acknowledge his legitimacy as a kart racer. After the 31-year-old Simpson reached a conclusion that claimed Horan wasn’t a legitimate racer, Horan allegedly tossed a can of beer at him before pushing him away. Simpson fell to the ground after being hit and was later taken to the hospital with several broken bones. Horan was also hospitalized with a broken arm and shoulder.

The incident took place at Texas Motor Speedway, where Simpson had already been involved in a crash following Horan’s ejection from the race. Horan has been racing with the Long Beach club since 2013. The U.S. Secret Service is conducting the investigation and will decide if there is cause to charge Horan with anything.

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