Netflix reinvents the ‘Tiger King’ with the sequel

Written by Fiona Thomson, CNN Staff

This article is part of a special feature on Netflix, and the trends among viewers that have shaped the brand’s 30 year history. Explore the series below:

This week brings the much-anticipated sequel to the global hit film “Tiger King” to Netflix. Billed as a sequel to the original Australian fantasy action-adventure comedy “Tiger King: The King Lives!,” the film will be released on the streaming giant on October 27.

The first original movie on the platform was “Beasts of No Nation,” directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Idris Elba. Fukunaga is also returning to the world of fantasy action cinema for “Tiger King 2.”

Composed of some 50 characters, “Tiger King 2” is set to break records on Netflix as the most watched film of all time. A press release from the streaming giant reportedly said that the movie was one of the most anticipated for the month of October.

Tiger king from “Tiger King” Credit: ZUMA

The first film , set in the mythical land of Monarchia, was made by Australian production company Red Arrow and airs on the Seven Network in Australia. It was written by David Hisco, who was also a member of the original team, and directed by Lachlan Jeffery, a veteran of a number of local television series including “Neighbours.”

The film has sold to all major markets across the globe, including the U.S., UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Korea, and Australia.

Although the film was made as a cultural-epic, it focuses primarily on the relationship between Fazi, a wolf-beast, and his human son, Sabah, as they journey through a magical land with fellow characters playing supporting roles.

The film tells the story of a boy’s imagination, a sea creature and a magical cave, as well as a musical number that sends a chill down your spine.

“Tiger King: The King Lives!”‘ was released in Australia in 2011, with a theatrical release of over 1600 screens in Australia and New Zealand. The movie was also released in more than 100 markets worldwide and was shown to almost 7 million international moviegoers.

The film follows the superhero journey of a man who discovers that he has supernatural powers, and takes on a large number of role models in order to save the world. It became an unexpected instant success in Australia, and a special production awarded the Best Australian Film of the Year, at the AACTA Awards in 2013.

“Tiger King: The King Lives!” also enjoyed two global releases in 2014 and 2015, with more than 13 million global downloads in two weeks.

The first film was voted Australia’s biggest box office hit of 2012 — over $1.5 million (AUS$1.98 million). The film was the highest-grossing Australian release of 2012 by a margin of AUS$100,000 (US$72,920).

Alongside Elba, this time out there is strong acting from “Game of Thrones” star Alfie Allen, former Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, “Geordie Shore” star Chloe Ferry, Katherine McNamara (“The Originals”) and “The Originals” alumni Joseph Morgan.

And of course, Mel Gibson is among the stars of the episode, as the voice of a ruthless filmmaker who is hellbent on figuring out why Tazi’s titular father was gunned down.

Alongside this strong cast are some notable new additions to the storyline — none bigger than Dan Aykroyd, who plays an aid worker who joins Tazi and the ensemble cast to help with their inter-dimensional quest.

The return of the series is set to encourage fans to binge watch over again — and keep an eye out for the royal butler’s cameo.

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