Meet the militia that’s fighting the fight in Washington

Our “news” department tends to cover Washington and D.C. news, but as we all know, Washington is extremely fragmented. A lot of DC residents don’t listen to D.C. media, D.C. officials talk way too often about shutting down the Internet, and Trump’s very name tends to generate fights about whether the president is actually the smartest man alive, not what he really thinks.

And I’m happy to report that there is an intersection between these broken bits of government that makes a civic conversation a little bit easier to understand.

On Saturday I attended a lunchtime panel in Kendall Square in Boston, from which I’ve been exposed to video and audio presentations before. The afternoon was hosted by the International Community School, or ICSA, which is a public charter school in the city of Boston, where kids from all over the world are together doing fantastic things.

There was one speaker at the lunchtime panel that talked about the rise of violent authoritarianism in a way that really grabbed me: “Punk Rock Rebellion.”

That means people who are under the thumb of the government can rebel against the authority it holds over them. Or you can have people who are like, “Eh, it’s nothing to go nuts over,” and they work for the government. Then there are people who run or identify themselves as right-wing or left-wing, if that’s where they get their news. A lot of them are in the area of STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — but some are not (that’s the outside part, just me saying it), and some are very ideologically committed. And there are a lot of weirdos.

Or you could call them anarchists. Because that’s the group that I think happens to be better at being anarchists than any other.

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