Marshalltown DA: Three suspects in Parkison murder plan responsible for his death

The prosecution opening statements got right to it in the accused murderer trial in Marshalltown, defending the actions of Eric Hanson and Brandon Terrell, the two men who helped plan the killing.

Prosecutors have painted a portrait of a vibrant young man in Orlando who was planning to kill three men for fun, a fact they hope will be enough for a conviction.

With the request for a mistrial inching closer, the prosecution started the two-and-a-half hour trial by laying out the details of who those three men were, whether they were just friends, and how they were able to come up with a plot in the middle of the night for only two other people.

The victim in the case, Ahman Parkison, is viewed as the mastermind behind the murders, and prosecutors hope Parkison’s own actions will help them. Parkison was living in Orlando when his fiance and her daughter moved to Marshalltown to take care of her dying mother. So it’s a situation Parkison was familiar with, said Assistant Attorney General Andrea Gille.

“Eric Hanson, the driver, invited Ahman to come to Marshalltown. Brandon Terrell, the other occupant of the car, said he would meet Ahman there. And when Ahman arrived, Ahman quickly learned that Brandon was at the Marshalls with different friends, and Eric was alone. Ahman ended up becoming Eric’s bodyguard,” said Attorney General John Linder.

More alleged facts are added, and the case against Parkison builds, along with the image of who the prosecutors hope their jury will focus on.

“And as everyone knows, there’s too much violence in the world today, and a lot of people are scared. And they want a second chance. There are too many people walking around with guns. And in this state, we will not tolerate it. Not anymore,” said Linder.

At the end of Day One of the trial, the jury was given a state of the state transcript detailing the final scene of the crime in which the teens allegedly tied up and killed Parkison in the back seat of the suspects car. It’s important evidence, and the prosecution is going to keep asking questions about where else the plan went wrong.

“And tonight, Ahman was going to be dead, by the hands of Brandon Terrell, by the knives of Brandon Terrell, and with Eric Hanson watching them pull his intestines out with a hammer,” said Gille.

At 2:40 p.m. the trial was adjourned, and they then went to lunch with Judge K.D. Tellefson. If the jurors cannot reach a verdict by then, another judge will be appointed.

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