Man chases mother and baby with a tarp and dashes to hospital

Sixteen-year-old Chris Parker, a Scout Master in his year as an adult, was leading a 5 mile hike on a trail on the Big Island on Saturday when a mom and her baby fell about 25 feet and landed upside down on the rocks below. Unwilling to let a baby die alone, Chris opted to pull the mother from the rocks and guide her toward the stairs.

“That was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life,” Parker said. “She was having the hardest time breathing and the baby was crying.”

Two more scouts and two adults eventually arrived on the scene and carried the woman, along with the baby, up the stairs. Both parents were unconscious. “They weren’t moving, and they weren’t talking,” Parker said. “That’s when we started getting a little worried.”

The Scout Master kept checking on them for about 30 minutes, never losing hope that they would make it. And, after a couple of dramatic moments when he couldn’t hear the baby’s cries anymore, he finally heard them. He lifted the mother off the rocks and pulled her over the edge so she could land safely.

An ambulance arrived soon after, which took the woman and her baby to the hospital. Though both were “extremely exhausted,” the woman reportedly is doing fine.

The Good Samaritan Boy Scout from Hawaii who saved a mom and baby in an agonizing fall. — CNN (@CNN) August 24, 2017

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