How to rock a fancy birthday party for your favorite celebrity

Story highlights Movember gift ideas for co-workers, coworkers and extended family.

We’re offering up cute gifts inspired by these TV stars, athletes and more.

Celebrity birthdays are big news, of course, which is why we knew we had to find out how to help the Friends of the Foundation and the ultimate birthday party planner, Make It Right, throw the ultimate birthday party for the birthday guy of the year. So, we went straight to the source for the brand new dᅢᄅcor ideas!

We found all kinds of suggestions, including shower pens, chocolates, headbands, tees, hats, “anywhere-able” candles, lollipops, a DIY mug head, rainbow-lit tray favors, colored chocolate bars, framed recipes and more.

They go all over the place, from whiskey jars to white floral centerpieces.

Something in all of these items (and tons more!) would be perfect for a birthday party for a celebrity we have on our list of friends. Here, a few of our favorite pieces that could make the perfect addition to the bash.

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