Help has arrived: Power failure alert

This article was originally published in Janeur Travel

By Frédéric Fekete, CNN • Updated 13th September 2017

In this story covered by CNN, an AP reporter exposed a minor-aged prostitution ring operating out of public buildings in Macomb County, Michigan.

It was a series of events that prompted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to make a public appeal for the areas residents to be vigilant of exploitation and sexual exploitation of young women in their community.

In a local ABC affiliate report, a former prostitute who called herself “Niki” told the reporter that she had left the sex trade and was now fighting for public awareness about the wrongs suffered by women working in the sex trade.

Next month, after weighing various responses, the British Columbia government will announce a decision on whether to require businesses to switch their default setting to either off or on.

The change is intended to have the effect of eliminating COVID-19, a circuit-breaker system to control electricity surges.

“This would be very good because now they have dead power. I think every parent can understand when there is dead power, everyone is in danger,” Niki said.

With power outages in and around Canada’s eastern capital Moncton, N.B., Niki has faced growing concern for other locals too.

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