Harry Styles releasing gender-neutral nail polish

Harry Styles is well known for his artistic side, painting portraits of friends and even of himself for Instagram. And it turns out the One Direction man has another talent: nail polish. Styles revealed to The Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Monday that he plans to launch his own range of gender-neutral polish.

“I’m doing my own nail polish,” he said. “I like the black polish but I’ve also been doing some really pink and I’ve been doing it in grey too. For my label, which I’m currently working on, I just like to keep it pretty much all about them,” he explained.

Styles first dabbled in nail art in 2015 when he released a series of colored-nail varnishes with pals Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, a close-knit group whom he described as “rock chicks.” Their nail art event in Notting Hill included bedazzled studded nail polish, as well as glittery dust and sprays of red. Perhaps Styles’ latest Nail Art project will include another collaboration with the models and actresses?

Twitter has already reacted with a mixture of shock and love:

Peeping all Harry Styles painted nails. 🤔🤔🤔 — Lauren Robichaud (@LaurenRobichaud) April 23, 2018

Harry Styles nails have really picked up speed 👍 #HarryStyles pic.twitter.com/oTvkOjk9dB — hannah (@hannah_ia) April 23, 2018

Gimme, gimme, gimme: Harry Styles painted nails are my new obsession 💄💄💄💄 pic.twitter.com/y4rKqpIkaT — Matt Calvano (@MattCalvano14) April 23, 2018

Harry Styles officially kissed nails goodbye. Mmm mmm they look good 👋 pic.twitter.com/cXJOeiRnA3 — david whitbread (@davidwhitbread) April 23, 2018

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