Exclusive: Actor Alec Baldwin shoots gun on New Mexico set

By Alene Tchekmedyian, CNN

The makers of a film that features Alec Baldwin as a gun-toting cowboy say they are “deeply saddened” over the safety and conduct of members of the cast and crew at a recent shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Baldwin, the star of a new Fox television comedy series, “The Cast of ‘Ghosted,’” was on set August 7 shooting a scene when a prop weapon — commonly used in movies and TV shows as an accessory, a stunt gun — went off, according to a police report obtained by CNN.

Baldwin, who plays the chief of police in the series, wasn’t on the set at the time of the mishap.

“Many members of the cast and crew are understandably very upset and a safe environment must be maintained at all times,” the producers of the film, New York-based distributor Paramount Players, said in a statement to CNN Thursday. “We are deeply saddened that a cast and crew member was involved in an incident on set.”

The incident happened when Baldwin was shooting a scene for the movie “Rust.” That’s a movie project written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson, according to the film’s Facebook page.

Baldwin, 53, plays a Texas detective who is working on a kidnapping case and breaks into the home of one of the abductors, played by Nelson, the New York Times reported earlier this year.

In the second to last day of shooting, two assistants walked into the director’s booth and say they were concerned that Baldwin’s character was not keeping the gun in his right hand, the police report said.

The actors took out the “Uncle Sam” weapon and then asked Baldwin’s character to show them how to safely reload the gun, according to the report.

But, soon after the assistant’s suggestions, a shot was fired and the prop was “obliterated.”

The Assistant Director told the police officers the prop firearm was not pointed at anybody, and the gun was only loaded and loaded when someone brought it to him.

“(Actors) Harrison Finn and Peter Stormare were furious after the incident,” according to the police report. “Many in the cast and crew expressed anger and were upset because the actors were being ordered to gun handle the prop weapon, and because of an apparent lack of safety measures.”

The assistants to Baldwin and Nelson, Justin Simmons and Matthew Lopez, were also “frustrated,” according to the report.

“Several of the actors and assistant directors noted that they had complained to producer Ric Roman Waugh about the repeated use of the gun,” the report said.

The accident was turned over to the Albuquerque Police Department, which sent the incident report to the District Attorney’s Office, the police report said.

Actress Amy Poehler of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” was on set at the time of the accident, said her manager, Jonathan Hock.

“Amy was on set and learned of the accident after filming had wrapped,” Hock said. “She is always deeply saddened by this sort of thing.”

According to the production company’s website, “Rust” is “a character driven comedy inspired by real life experience.”

The film has also been shortlisted for the Independent Spirit Awards and is currently in post-production, according to the site.

“Rust” is slated to premiere on Vimeo in the spring of 2019, according to the website.

In May, Fox aired a special entitled “Alec Baldwin’s Hilarity for Charity,” during which Baldwin hosted celebrities such as Steve Martin, Steve Carell, Jay Leno, John C. Reilly, Kim Kardashian West and Sarah Silverman on the set of “Saturday Night Live.”

“Hilarity for Charity” raised over $4 million for 12 different charities through online and on-air auctions, according to a Fox network news release.

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