Brazilians could finally get the truth behind the alleged campaign of lies

A commission set up by Brazil’s federal prosecutor recommended on Friday that a “fraudulent campaign” by presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign be investigated. The commission also called for four officials from the Movement for Brazilian Socialism and Liberty, a party led by Bolsonaro, to be arrested for conspiracy and forgery.

Brazilian prosecutors should investigate “fraudulent campaign by Bolsonaro.” Center on private rights. — Max Raj (@maxrajJourno) May 5, 2016

The allegations made by the federal prosecutor agency, FUTPAT, included Bolsonaro’s false claims that his plan to curb runaway inflation in Brazil and create prosperity for the poor was backed by the majority of the country’s population — when in fact he got support from just 37 percent of Brazilians.

In a statement, Bolsonaro’s political party, PSOL, said it had a “definite” legal team that would challenge the recommendations of the Brazilian “transparency reform.” But if prosecutors proceed with the investigation, Brazilian’s could finally see the truth behind the alleged campaign of lies. The pro-Bolsonaro party, however, is far from safe from the accusations. Prosecutor-General Rodrigo Janot is also facing his own ethics allegations and has vowed to push for prosecution against two officials from the PSOL party.

In an interview with Brazilian daily Estado de S. Paulo last year, senior PSOL officials accused Janot of pursuing a political revenge campaign by nominating his political opponents and undermining the independence of the legal system.

“All public interests are under Janot’s control,” Bolsonaro’s party senior, Colleagues, an investigative news TV news channel, said on Saturday. “Janot is more interested in control than anything else.”

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