Baby Peru river turtles swimming through jungle released in pet store bag

At 7:30 a.m. on Monday morning, thousands of baby river turtles were released into the jungle off the coast of northern Peru. While sharing pictures of the launch, local nonprofit estuary NGO Loire Quebrada SA tweeted, “with this joy, God brings us happiness.” Among those watching the release are the trio of turtles that have become world famous after one of them popped up on a Chilean food blog, stuffed into a bag of choclo, or hand-rolled noodles. As Mashable reports, “This slice of the future had been living on a desert island and lived pretty idyllic, if semisocial life,” until it wandered into the Chiarilzo coastal reserve in April, where it hung out with the locals, playing dead while they ate. “Little did they know it was one of the most adorable animals they had ever seen,” the blog post continues. Last week, with the assistance of local veterinarians, the baby turtles were transported to nearby oil companies, with the help of dart guns. Once vaccinated, nurses released the cubs into a nearby river. Those who read the blog post a few days later were disappointed to see they’d been dumped in the middle of nowhere.

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