As world abuzz, CNN Digital Storytellers take a look back on the stories of the week

Drones are weapons and going after them should be in the purview of the U.S. military.

President Trump wanted to slap tariffs on China’s Huawei. On Monday, he reversed course and changed his mind, saying the U.S. would not force Huawei to stop trading with the U.S.

Facebook just learned this month about Cambridge Analytica’s access to user data, and the News Feed has so many parts of it that most users forget to look at what posts friends are sharing with each other, for all to see.

Google says it doesn’t have improper ties to the U.S. government and promises to tighten some of its policies to prevent violations of user privacy.

A White House announcement could soon give cannabis companies access to banking services, opening the door to billions of dollars worth of investments and new customers.

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