Armed Neo-Nazi found in Dutch home

Dutch police found a shockingly large cache of weapons in a home rented by a suspected far-right extremist.

The results of a search of 16-year-old Marius Horstman’s house in The Hague on Wednesday showed the home to be home to almost 20 pistols, 12 rifles, 10 shotguns, as well as explosives, according to the BBC.

While no offensive weapons were found, Horstman said he kept the weapons as part of his traditional hobby of shooting. Authorities seized one pistol found in the property, the BBC said.

Authorities initially confiscated 15 guns and ammunition from the home, the BBC said. According to an article from the Telegraph, it was found that Horstman had traveled to Germany with a former anti-Semite to acquire guns.

Horstman, who is believed to be a supporter of the far-right group National Socialists Prorom, was being investigated for membership in a group, and other charges were considered.

Horstman had become known to authorities for incidents that happened in 2015, when he was 15 years old, according to The Independent.

The Telegraph said that Horstman believed German gang violence was on the rise due to immigrants.

While laws in many European countries restrict possession of weapons, authorities are still in debate about whether weapons should be confiscated from suspected extremists.

A gunman, allegedly a far-right extremist, opened fire in a shopping mall in the French city of Nice last year, killing 86 people.

The suspect, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, was shot dead at the scene by police.

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